The Concept

Come at Chef Jean-Yves’ cooking workshop and share an unique gastronomic experience with people from all over the world and from different generations and cultures.

Jean-Yves created this event to welcome foodies travellers like you: this is the best way for him to share his passion, art of cooking.

While this experience, you will try a new way to taste the food and to feel the fusion.

Feels so good !

* * *

The Conception

Every creation goes through a thorough process. A special care is given to the taste and texture of every ingredient. The process goes through many phases such as :

– Testing the different combinations of savours.
– Conceptualization and drawing of the dishes
– Evaluation
– Taste test

* * *

Sample of Menu

Cocktail by your Chef


Madame Butterfly rolls: Chicken marinated with lemon grass and ginger in a rice paper.


Imperial ravioles: Ravioles with prawns and Sabayon sauce, Bluet flowers


Duffy duck: Duck grilled with Yakitori sauce, sweet potatoes, coconut cream and zucchini cake.


MasterChef specialty: French macaron by Chef Jean-Yves


Wine / soflt is included

* * *

The Ambiance

In a private and friendly place, cultures and generations make an appointment.

We discuss our passions, our loves, our life. The interaction is natural and human.

Within a dinner, we open the door of our world, we learn about  neighbor, we confide.

There’s nothing comparable in this exchange of happiness in an atmosphere more than friendly.

* * *

The Interior

Welcome to Chef Jean-Yves world.

It is a place where Asian culture and French tradition meet to create a unique and atypical atmosphere. You will be guests for an unforgettable gastronomic evening.

This is more than a restaurant.

* * *

Jean Yves Masterchef photo 3