It feels so good!

Come to Chef Jean-Yves’ cooking workshop and share a unique gastronomic experience with people from all over the world, as well as different generations and cultures.

Jean-Yves created this event to welcome foodie travelers like you. This is the best way for him to share his passion: the art of cooking.

During this experience, Jean-Yves will personally guide you through the meal itself, ensuring you catch every flavor and truly feel the fusion.

It feels so good!

Every creation by Jean-Yves undergoes a thorough process. Special care is given to the taste and texture of each ingredient. There are many phases to this process, such as:

– Testing the different combinations of flavors

– Conceptualization and drafting of the dishes

– Evaluation

– Taste tests


Cocktail by the Chef.


Madame Butterfly Rolls: Chicken marinated with lemon grass and ginger in rice paper.


Imperial Dumplings: Dumplings with prawns, sabayon sauce, and bluet flowers.


Duffy Duck: Duck grilled with yakitori sauce, sweet potatoes, coconut cream, and zucchini cake.


MasterChef Specialty: French macarons by Chef Jean-Yves.


Wine / drinks are included.

* * *


In a private and friendly place, cultures and generations can come together and interact.

We discuss our passions, our loves, and our lives. The interaction at Jean-Yves’ table is natural and human.

Through dinner, we open the doors of our worlds. We learn about our neighbors. We confide in one another.

Nothing can compare to an exchange of happy moments in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Welcome to Chef Jean-Yves’ world.

It is a place where Asian culture and French tradition meet to create a unique and atypical atmosphere. Come be our guest for an unforgettable gastronomic evening.

This is more than a restaurant.

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