“Travel is the best teacher”


After traveling Southeast Asia for more than 25 years, Jean-Yves returned with more than just luggage. He also brought back a deep knowledge and practiced discipline in Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian and Lao culinary traditions.

His brand: a unique fusion cuisine combining French gastronomy and Southeast Asian culinary traditions served in a warm, private, and atypical environment.


Jean-Yves was born in Saigon (South Vietnam) and raised in France. Since his teens, Jean-Yves has always loved cooking. He loved to create new recipes, develop new menus, and organize refined and inventive parties for his family and friends.

Jean-Yves has always loved to experiment with his own recipes. Drawing from his rich knowledge and experience with Asian and French culinary traditions, he thrives when offering his guests a well-known gastronomic classic, as well as his own interpretations of Asian or Western staples.


Blending flavors, colors, and traditions from Asian and French cuisines, Jean-Yves invites you to share a unique and unforgettable experience in his dining room.

If you are unable to attend a dinner in Jean-Yves’ workshop, he can bring his culinary experience to you.


Jean-Yves has been trained in both France and Asia in various institutions and establishments.

One of his projects is to create his own team, gathering a handful of talented chefs from all over the world.


Jean Yves won the Masterchef Web 2012 edition.

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